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Welcome to my project page! Here, I feature recent design projects and collaborations, and as I connect with more ministries, this page will expand to showcase their work. Stay tuned for updates and new collaborations. Let's work together to bring your vision to life!

Side Note: Click on each ministry's name to explore their websites and learn more about their inspiring work.

My Projects

DKB Logo


Avodah Design had the pleasure of collaborating with Dove Kingdom Builders, a Christian ministry dedicated to constructing, inspiring, and fortifying lives through prayer, voluntary services, missions, and outreach programs. My goal was to create designs that effectively conveyed the theme of the ministry's logo.


Working with Dove Kingdom Builders' existing logo, I developed designs for their letterhead, business cards, and address labels. The blue, white, and black color scheme was chosen to match their logo and website, and the designs were intentionally simple and clean.


Avodah Design is honored to have partnered with Dove Kingdom Builders and hopes that the designs will help them expand their communications and reach a wider audience, enabling them to spread their message even further.

GTN Logo


Avodah Design had the privilege of collaborating with Gotonations, a Christian ministry committed to igniting global missions and transforming lives through leadership training, evangelism, and establishing solid national churches. My objective was to design cards that authentically captured the essence of their requested theme for thank-you cards that showcase the beauty of roses and incorporate the inspiring verse Isaiah 54 while expressing heartfelt gratitude.


Drawing inspiration from their desired theme, we carefully curated shades of pink and green, skillfully blending them to create a harmonious and visually captivating design. The result is a collection of thank you cards that exude a simple yet vibrant floral style, embodying sincere thanks from the ministry.


Avodah Design is deeply grateful for the opportunity to partner with Gotonations. I pray these thank you cards will leave a lasting impact on their supporters, fostering a continued dedication to the ministry's essential endeavors.

Avodah Design is honored to have partnered with Whitestone Bridge to create an engaging t-shirt design crafted for students, staff, and the entire ministry community. Whitestone Bridge is deeply committed to supporting young North Korean escapees through nurturing environments and relationships, and this design project truly embodies their inspiring mission.


The t-shirt design was approached with a focus on modernity and youthful vibes, perfectly resonating with the summer season when Whitestone Bridge conducted an active program with Korean students. By seamlessly blending their logo and name in a neat layout, we captured the essence of their wishes while ensuring versatility for various occasions.


This collaboration showcases Avodah Design's unwavering commitment to translating ministry ideas into visually impactful designs. Working alongside Whitestone Bridge, we've witnessed how a simple t-shirt can invite others to ask about their impactful mission, fostering a sense of togetherness and spreading positivity within the community.

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