Project Brief

As a new self-funded small business, Treasure had found a cheap solution for design that resulted in a low quality design images with no market value before she came for proper branding. The primary focus in this branding project was to establish her as a viable new competitor in the beauty product market. This meant high quality and thoughtful branding that well represented the true Treasure identity.

We encountered two immediate hurdles: 1) bad clipart rendition of a frumpy first logo, and 2) the original name, Treasures Exfoliating, didn’t convey the desired personality and poise of the product. Also, while seemingly obscure, the website domain in all lower-case letters created unintentional associations, treasuresexfoliating.

Treasure by Shantrel’s image was transformed to honestly and powerfully reflect the beauty, sophistication, and effectiveness of their product.


Market Analysis & Concept

After market research, capturing and defining vision, and introducing product themes, Treasure by Shantrel emerged under this new name. The recommendation for the name Treasure by Shantrel came with the intent to combine personability with something memorable and distinct.

To inform and reinforce the development of brand identity, we conducted interviews and surveys with both in store and online high end beauty suppliers. This helped us understand market trends, discover what works and what doesn’t, and determine the product identity styles that evoke a desired response.

We then explored ways to provide a stylistic makeover to elevate Treasure beyond its homegrown feel while embracing and highlighting the beautiful and appealing features of the products. With this in mind, we developed a new modern and feminine logo, the introduction of themed product names, labels, and elegant marketing materials consistent with the product experience.


We developed the logo based on what Shantrel had envisioned -- a pearl emerging from its shell. The illustrative style we created replaced the previously cheesy stock art and cliché imagery with a clean and modern rendition of her vision that boasts a fresh look and feel.


With our aim to position the product in the broader market expanding beyond her previous limited niche, we introduced a color a new color palette than first envisioned by Shantrel as the colors were key contributors. The base palette was selected to support the addition of multiple secondary colors as new product lines were created.

While this palette was outside of what Shantrel had originally imagined, she pushed past personal taste allowing the identity of the product line itself to emerge with a color palette that supported the addition of complementary tones. As this color identity became whole, Shantrel found her original vision within the product character that evolved.

It presents a feminine yet modern identity that stands up well within current competitor trends, and responds with intentional market appeal.

The baseline colors – white, gray and pink

  • Treasure Pink

    RGB: 0, 140, 153

  • Gray

    RGB: 171, 167, 167

  • White

    RGB: 0, 0, 0


Working within a start up budget, we redesigned labels to incorporate the new look while utilizing the existing product containers. We then incorporated Shantrel’s thematic names for each product in the line.

The labels were printed with metallic ink creating that extra special touch. Sparkles always feel special.

Business Cards

Business cards are the first touch point of introduction. Thus, presenting brand recognition at this phase was important. Using white space, a clean layout, and the delicate yet sophisticated color palette communicates exactly the quality of Treasure by Shantrel’s product.

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