Project Brief

This mature software company sought wide-scale rebranding and organizational redevelopment to launch their newest debut of innovative and highly advanced functionality. Their branding included a fresh website, redesigned software user interface, and even a new company name. Simultaneously to rebranding, executive coaching resulted in creative solutions for streamlining business processes through internal redevelopment, leadership coaching, effective job role placement, and the development of a new in-house sales team.

Plexus is a highly sophisticated product perfected through years of developing customization. However, their website and marketing material was overloaded with details and technical language that ultimately bogged down the power of the tool and its true message.

We found Plexus stood head and shoulders above their competitors. Our goal was to reposition them with a name, look, and user experience that revealed who they are as an advanced software solution that reached their target audience.


What’s in a name?

IQ Coordinator was the name they had carried for 19 years. A name meaning “Internet Quotation” carried little weight for their target audience. Though it unintentionally alluded to intelligent software, it appealed more to those who made it than those who used it. We knew it was time to freshen and update their identity with a new name that would signify a “coming of age,” and also communicate an accessible yet professional character.

Through an extensive market exploration process, Plexus was an early find and became the winner. It means “an intricate network,” and it has appealing syntax. This one word captured the complexity and rich history of the company and product, while remaining easy to say with a modern sound.


The name was a perfect match in meaning, syntax and length, but we needed to create a mark that captured the same in illustration. The task was to simply and beautifully demonstrate an intricate network hub breathlessly.


We wanted to capture a hip, current, and user-friendly yet mature look. The primary colors express the mature sensibility while the secondary colors offer a splash of color and just the right amount of edge. The relationship between the two color approaches creates a got-it-under-control harmony.

  • Plexus Green

    RBG: 95-197-192

  • Blue

    RGB: 16-97-140

  • Dark Orange

    RGB: 241-93-52

  • Yellow

    RGB: 252-209-96


Utilizing appropriately placed white spaces allowed for a sigh of relief from content overload. The use of modern thin-line text, boasting white space, and straightforward imagery created the desired tone -- their approachable handshake and smile persona combined with the well-established industry knowledge and trusted systematic approach.

Website Design

The original website had the voice of a detail-oriented technology genius, which presented the full end-to-end picture, but wasn’t digestible at first glance by the average viewer. As well, visually it communicated a very general sales approach rather than accurately communicating the quality of the product. Though it gave an overview of the software’s complexity it didn’t do a good job at staging content with consideration for a more relational and digestible approach.

We transformed this all or nothing first impression to a one-step-at-a-time relational approach that invited a dialogue without the pressure of comprehending the full scope of heavy technical language.

We crafted a website that guides the viewer through a get-to-know-you process with a user-friendly mature look.

Telling their story was an important element for their “coming of age” and internal redevelopment process. We wanted to take a lot of technical detail from their 19 years of history and utilize the developing relational tone and fresh visual approach. The solution was to tell the story through infographics, weaving together their company development, technological milestones, and client stats.

UI Design

Inspiring Fresh User Engagement

The UI was complex, and integrated with hundreds of features, 400+ screens, and a vast array of functions. We faced the challenge of translating the new easy-going website design to a new user experience for the software itself. The previous UI was based on complex technological functionality and less about aesthetic ease of use.

For Plexus, this coming of age went beyond its external image but extended to an expectation of a modernized user-friendly interaction for the product users.

We knew it was critical to maintain the integrity of the advanced software while simplifying the detail overload and increasing usability with clean, responsive, and intuitive design.

We were able to match the experience we discovered through designing the website with an appealing user interface that was a breath of fresh air for existing and future clients.

Consulting / Executive Coaching

Unlocking potential

By immersing ourselves in learning both the business processes and culture of Plexus during our 9-month branding and designing journey, we reached another facet of discovery where we were able to offer solutions. In coaching the internal reorganization of the company at a strategic time of transitional growth, they were able to move past roadblocks that opened up their full potential.

As we explored and defined identity, we offered executive coaching to resolve areas of conflict and internal reorganization while maintaining relational honor. Roles were redefined, reorganized and better situated for success. The reorganization increased the team size dramatically and thus the companies potential for workflow. They moved from a maintaining model to built-to-grow infrastructure. This strategic move began to unlock new avenues for additional market saturation.

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