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Avodah Design is expanding it's services! During the months of August and September we're offering special rates for website packages that include design, development and 2-years maintenance. Get the scoop!

Introducing: Avodah Consulting. We’ve added to our Avodah brand a consulting group that specializes in entrepreneur business coaching.  Visit the website and explore!

Expanding the Avodah Team: We love what we do and we work with people we enjoy. If our vision and values match yours please drop us a line!

Branding: Company Identity

Who are we, really?

The process of defining and designing company identity is so much more than a pretty picture. It's a process and if done well gives a depth of content behind the aesthetics. It gets into the core of what a company is, why they exist, and what makes them unique. 

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What Goes Into A Website

The Three: Design, Content, and Development

There is no getting around the need for an online presence. In fact, some businesses are foregoing the brick and mortar because the Internet provides fewer overheads and more reach, depending on the market and niche. An online presence covers several platforms with a host of social media options, but the one that

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Brand Consistency

A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Rebranded Companies

Brand is only as good as its brand consistency. Solid branding provides the road map and guide rails for visually communicating your identity, values, and ethos as a company or organization. Consistency must be established during and after the design phase, in the initial roll out, as well as its usage thereafter.

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